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Found in a survey through the University of Arizona, less than 1% of people with disabilities are paired with service dogs. Having a service dog in the life an individual with a disability can be a huge impact on the way a person lives life. In some cases it can actually be the difference in life and death.  With the help of these animals people with disabilities, can perform activities in their daily life as a functional individual.

Service and Assistance Dogs

You can find information about service dog certification and registration throughout this site. There are infinite registries for service dogs and not all of them are legitimate, so be wary when handing over any money to an online business. A therapy dog certification differs from that of a service dog, to find out more information about each check out our Therapy dogs and training page. One of the only registries for assistant animals that can be recommended is the USSDR (The United States Service Dog Registry), click here to see why. There is a new type of service animal that is being studied to see if a psychiatric service dog is something that can eventually fall under the same guidelines as other working dogs.

Service Certifications

There are some requirements that must be met by the ADA for them to be recognized as true working dogs. Only service dogs have the right to enter any public place that their human companion enters. It is important to read more about the guidelines and rules you should follow, before attempting to obtain certification for your dog. A question that people are often searching for the answer to where they can find a certification course or file paperwork online. Find more information here. Another concern currently become a trend is fake service dogs. People are obtaining the gear for dogs, without truly needing the animal. Read more on why this is dangerous and why this is becoming a problem on our Cert page.

Service Dogs for PTSD

PTSD, as well as, other mental disorders calls for the use of service dogs. These dogs can be considered emotional support or therapy dogs. PTSD is something that affects many veterans as well as others who have suffered through a traumatic event. While the VA does not provide service dogs for PTSD they do cover them for other reasons, click here to read more.

Want to find out more about what it takes for your dog to become a service dog? Read up on the recommended requirements and if your dog meets the standards that are currently in place. Are you curious if your wily pooch can make it through TDI testing and become a papered therapy dog? We have a section dedicated to giving you the information on TDI testing.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs differ from service dogs, and there is often much confusion about this. Therapy dogs are not trained to do a specific task, but they are trained. They are trained to provide support to their handlers. This is generally in the form of just being there. Sometimes being along can be very intimidating to a person. Especially if that person has gone through a traumatic experience in their life. There are a series of guidelines that should followed in ordered to ensure your dog is allowed into facilities.

Do Rescue Dogs Make Good Therapy Dogs?

Across America there are thousands if not millions of dogs in need of good homes, and a question that comes up often is “would a rescue dog make a good therapy dog?”. The answer to this question is a difficult one, and there is no real clear clean cut answer. To find out more info on this topic click here.

Training for Therapy Dogs

Basic obedience is a must for therapy dogs, but they will require more training than just sit and stay. They need to have good behavior and the correct temperament. You can find more about the short list of behaviors and commands your dog needs to be prepared with for testing.


It is not always necessary for your dog to be certified to be a therapy dog. While it is recommended an non-certified dog may be able to enter some places and be of use, just as well as a certified dog. However there are situations that will require your dog be certified and have a trained handler.

Therapy Dog Testing

In order for your dogs to be certified and at time insured, there are a set of tests that your dog, as well as, their handler must pass. This testing will be rigorous and stressful to dogs that are ill prepared, but it will prepare them for the strenuous trips to hospices or schools. Are you curious if your dog could pass the testing and become a certified therapy dog? If you want to see a break down of the testing click here.

What Breeds Make Good Therapy Dogs?

Therapy dogs can be any breed! There are a few that are more obedient or better behaved than others. Find out if your dog is a good fit here.

Emotional Support Dogs

Emotional Support DogThere has been some dispute about whether emotional support dogs fall under the category of therapy dogs. It is still fairly accepted that they are not therapy dogs. Some people think that emotional support dogs should be given access to all the same rights as a service dog. They are however, not protected under the ADA of 1990. They are not given all the same rights under the law, and for good reason. The dogs are not trained to complete a specific task to help their owner. Emotional support dogs fall more into the category of companion animals. Their main purpose is to ease anxiety or help with other mental illnesses, diagnosed by a healthcare professional. If you would like to find more information about emotional support dogs click here.


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